Tele Health / Home Visits

If you can’t come to the clinic we can provide a comprehensive assessment by phone or zoom call. Following the assessment, we can give you a personalised recovery program, including advice and exercises to get you back to full health.

Domicillary Visits to your home or to a relative in a nursing home may be provided by the Sandymount Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic within our locality. While in most instances the preference is for you to come to the clinic where the equipment and furniture are more suitable we recognise that this is not always possible for you.

Should you be unable to get to us while you recuperate following knee or hip replacement surgery or are temporarily indisposed  for whatever reason we can attend you at home. Home visits ,while often to assist the older housebound person,can be arranged to treat an acute back or an early sprained ankle whlie you are unable to drive. Treatment  at home can be provided  for all age groups including  new mums and children.

In the early days after joint replacement  , hip fracture/ patella fracture or even wrist fracture you may be unable to drive and home treatment may breach the gap until you can get out under your own steam.

Physiotherapy for chest conditions such as COPD or acute Pneunomia and rehabilitation exercise programmes can be provided following Stroke or neurological conditions such as Parkinsons Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

We can assist you with you mobility at home and programmes concentrating on balance and prevention of falls will be provided. Our Chartered Physiotherapists can give you advice on  appropriate walking aids and simple home modifications to make things safer for you or your ageing relative in their own home.  Home visits can also be provoded to clients living in sheltered housing or in a nursing home .