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Running: lower limb flexibility

If you are starting to run there are important stages to work gradually through. It is crucialy important to warm up before you start your run with some dynamic stretches (short stretches of the major muscle groups, just 5 second hold) Gradually build up your running time and distance and finish off with static stretches to maintain muscle length. Unlike the dynamic stretching done during the warm up, your after exercise stretching should be sustained, holding the position of stretch for at lea...

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Womens Health

Womens Health issues which may include pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy and post partum can be helped by Physiotherapists at Sandymount Physiotherapy Clinic.

Musculoskeletal issues specific to women that occur around the time of Menopause and arm pain and shoulder joint stiffness following breast surgery or mastectomy can also be helped by physiotherapy.

physiotherapy for pregnancy

Pelvic pain, Sacro -iliac and Low back pain are not uncommon during pregnancy and immediatly post partum mainly due to the hormonal changes related to pregnancy. Much can be done by the Physiotherapist during pregnancy to alleviate this pain through mobilisation and manual therapy in addition to  exercise, the provision of correct support and advice on self management. Just at a life stage where you need to bend and stoop pain can  prevent you doing so and lifting your baby can be a real challange. Simply remembering the code of good back care and bending from your knees and getting down on hunkers can alleviate some of the symptoms.  Back pain following birth can be a downer so don't hesitate to get help.

Stress and urge incontinance can also be troublesome following delivery. The pelvic floor muscles are an integral part of control in the core. Post natal exercises are important in addressing incontinence issues and if it is not improving we can recommend  specialist Physiotherapists.

Around menopause many women can experience debilitating aches and pains associated with hormonal  changes and physiotherapy treatment can help. 

  • Osteoporosis exercise prescription. It is scientifically proven that exercise can maintain and restore bone density. We design safe and effective exercise programs for people with Osteoporosis.
  • Lifestyle Management.  Exercise and postural advice can help prevent and reduce muscule and joint pains. We offer Pilates classes and advice on exercise programs for home or the gym.