We treat the following conditions.

Neck and back problems
Joint pains and strains
Sports and soft tissue injury
Arthritic conditions
Head injuries
Postural problems
Occupational overuse
Workplace injuries
Foot pain
Neurological disorders (Parkinson's disease & Stroke rehabilitation)
Women's HealthOsteoporosis
Post-operative rehabilitation

Neck and back injuries

If you suffer from a neck or back injury as a result of any of the following:

Disc problems
Postural low back pain

Then a physiotherapist is able to provide a full assessment and appropriate treatment.

Back and neck pain

Back and neck pain in particular need to be treated promptly if long term disability and prolonged treatment are to be prevented. 

Postural low back pain can be the start of more significant back problems such as disc problems. Long hours at a computer with poor sitting posture can contribute to lower back pain. See a physiotherapist for ergonomic advice.